Manual Game Plan for Life: Your Personal Playbook for Success

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Hey, J. Wooden, but I had no idea of his wide impact on over many years with many students. That he journaled for each student individually is nothing short of amazing. And keeping emotions in check whether lose OR win really struck me too.


I really try to lead life according to my values and to focus on my personal contribution. It is great to take inspiration from someone so successful. As a professional coach, I love no. It is my philosophy to develop sustainable skills that can last a lifetime, rather than focussing on short term targets. Another outstanding summary of a great thinker. I never realized the depth of character this man possessed.

There is too much wisdom here to absorb at one time. First through Lance and now here, I see that this man was such a remarkable man of integrity and character. Thank you for all of this great information, some of which I read, some I save for later and all of which I really enjoyed especially on a day when I became disagreeable for no reason at all!

All better now though :! Alik — I like the simplicity, but depth of it.

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Jannie — Wooden was amazingly unique and insightful. The point on journalizing for improvement really opened my eyes to how powerful it is whether for yourself or for leading teams. I especially like the fact he framed out what his life would be about, and he lived life on his terms — simple and effective. Thank you. Farnoosh — You hit it on the head — integrity and character.

Game Plan for Life: Your Personal Playbook for Success

Without a deep understand of what brings success we will never achieve it. Karl — Wooden really did create a strong foundation. Hi JD.. His 25 Life Lessons we should all have around us all the time..

How interesting to see his pyramid of success.. Thanks JD..

Success is “Peace of Mind”

Great post. Oh gosh — I love John Wooden. We heard him speak several years ago. Have read his books. His power comes from living his philosophy as well as coaching it. He has credibility because it all works. For him and for all the young men who played basketball for him. But my actions and reactions are always my choice.

But I can do the actions that result in success. Hilary — He was absolutely amazing. He set a high bar for effective coaching and leaders in life. Daniel — I used to understimate the value of visual cues, but I use them way more often now. Well put … success really is a by-product. Sharing is Caring: Facebook.

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Of course, no matter how strong his own faith looks to be, Gibbs says he has encountered his share of religious naysayers through the years, both personally and professionally. It has a second hand and a minute hand and is quite complicated. I ask the person if they believe that there was a watchmaker who made that watch. Gibbs says he has made it his mission to witness to people in this way, during fleeting moments when doubt can even overtake what he knows is true in his own heart.

However, Gibbs has his times of doubts. One that weighs heavily on his heart was the recent on-track accident which his former driver Tony Stewart was involved in, in which year-old Kevin Ward Jr. Feeling the need to help young people with life struggles, he was instrumental in helping to found Youth for Tomorrow, a residential youth home, private school, and counseling center for at-risk teenage girls and boys in the Washington metropolitan area in It happens all the time. Horrible events take place every day.

But when I see someone hurting, I always try to just lift them up in prayer, and let God do the rest.

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  8. Through it all, Gibbs says he has felt extremely thankful to be able to lean on various accountability partners throughout his life. He, instead, played the piano. And then there is the woman that has stood behind him and beside him when the cameras turned off and the games and races were through. I also have both my boys working with me, so we also get to spend a lot of time together. I am fortunate that way. And then there is my racing family, many of whom I lean on a lot..

    Game Plan for Life: Your Personal book by Joe Gibbs

    Tricia Despres is a Chicago-based entertainment writer whose work has appeared in publications such as the Chicago Sun-Times, Advertising Age and Country Weekly magazine. From making story deadlines to making dinner for husband Paul and girls Taylor and Amanda, Tricia leads a busy life Share This Story. During the last 48 hours, the always strong and stoic Joe Gibbs has confidently hired two new drivers, bravely launched a new diversity program for his race team and tirelessly prayed for a friend going through one of the most intense moments of his life.