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Prospecting on social media is best left to the marketers, who are better equipped with the tools to find people worth contacting. Predictive analytics could help. That said, I think a better use of social media is for relationship development and nurturing of an existing prospect. Some social selling pioneers have reported success here. Maybe in future surveys you could ask about prospecting vs. Since social selling is relatively new, I would be surprised if a general survey shows much success right now.

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So the trend could be interesting to watch over time. Again, I will have to completely disagree. The opportunity for sales professionals to leverage LinkedIn, Twitter, Social Content as a means of driving business is enormous. There is nothing worse than Marketing taking a centralized role to all Social Media Listening. This is the failure to Social Media adoption within a company.

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Their named accounts, Their hot prospects. No centralization is going to help hear a job change alert of a CFO of a Medical Device company, that John Smith has as a named account. I respectfully disagree, Bob that prospecting is merely a function of marketing. When I was still in corporate America, if I had to wait for marketing to produce qualified leads, I would have starved. I think most sales people would agree. When you own an account list and a territory, your job as a seller is to surface new business. If marketing can augment that work with qualified leads…fantastic. Marketers are not necessarily better equipped to surface leads via social.

Marketing is doing what marketing does…building visibility and cultivating loyalty for the brand. Rarely have I seen the marketing team using social media to surface sales leads. In daily selling life, smart sellers use social media to listen to what customers, prospects, competitors and influencers are talking about. They use tools like LinkedIn to create lead lists based on the ideal prospect makeup.

They use social media to surface real time information and insights before ever have a conversation with a prospect. That is NOT something that marketing does for sales people. They do it for themselves. As for a survey…if you have time, check out the Social Media and Sales Quota report I referenced earlier.

It gave us 3-years of solid data as to the ROI of using social media for selling.

Contrary to what some folks think, the concept of social selling is not brand new. Thank you all for contributing to the discussion and in both challenging and adding your own results and evidence for and against. The data I used was a selection of around 10, Objective Management Group sales assessments not a survey completed in the month of June The results show us that usage of these tools is way up.

The conclusion is what you had the problem with: Lack of correlation between use of the tools and key sales metrics. How could you conclude anything else from this particular set of data? The 10, assessments were taken in a cross-section of industries companies in more than industries use our assessments so that is part of the problem. Most of you who are surprised with these results are working with companies and industries that are more likely to see results than the overall population of 15 million plus salespeople.

So no wonder the needle is not moving for many people, and in fact they are probably making things worse by wasting a lot of time on social media without a solid plan or process that aligns with their buyers. Matt Heinz pretty much hit the nail on the head with what he said.

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Tools without the right application of them in the right time and context are pretty useless, alright. Right on Brandon, and by way of 3rd party thanks, I missed thanking you earlier Matt, right on to you too. Social media is a subtle thief of time that demands our attention, luring us away from the path of moving the sale forward. No question that there are some terrific, handy uses for all of these tools, and they can help people to be quite resourceful. Social selling is part of selling yes — but does that change the data? Great sales people use social tools — of course, but so do bad ones.

I — of all people am a big believer in social tools. Sometimes I am amazed by sales experts people that should excell at reading, listening and comprehending could read this article and draw the concusions they draw. Try cold calling CXOs, and see how many people you get on the phone.

Everyone seems so busy these days, that they let calls roll into voice-mail. And with so much information available on the internet, many buyers start their sales cycle with out a sales person. So, I think you need the social media to make warm calls. Targeted calls. Using connections on LinkedIn. Because without that market intelligence, I think cold calls are a very low return activity. It takes attempts to reach a CXO today.

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There will never be a more effective way to gain traction with a new prospect than through an introduction. And this goes for LinkedIn too. You must ask for the introduction in much the same way you would have asked for it at a networking event. Finally, as for getting above the noise, companies have changed the way they add value.

Years ago, value add was a phrase — a marketing pitch. Then, it became what your company uniquely did to add value to its offering. You are the value. Think back, waaay back, to when the phone became the latest technology to help people communicate. In the first few years of sales people using the phone, did their KPIs improve? Probably not, if you look at averages. With the internet, social media and mobile devices, there are lots of ways to communicate.

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Yet the use of any of these tools does not by itself make selling any easier. Just different. Buyers are more empowered by these tools, but so are sales and marketing professionals. I think the key is not just using new tools to execute old processes. I would like to hear more from the social selling pioneers that say it is working. What are the successful reps doing with social media? Only then will the KPIs move.

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What actions do you want each party to take? Many business owners do a great job building a case but fail to lay out the specific path the stakeholder can take to follow through to a desired outcome. They committed to the idea of life insurance but failed to follow through.

A strong business case will make this process crystal clear. How can you most effectively communicate the action you want them to take? There is some style involved in building a better business case. Presentation is important and the format depends on your target. Is it a PowerPoint deck, a quick phone call, or an in-depth discussion over dinner?

Tailor your message to the style of the audience. If you follow this framework, you will be able to sell you viewpoint without any fancy sales pitches or techniques. The opinions expressed here by Inc. Movies are all-time fun and especially when the script targets your pain points, the movie becomes unforgettable. The work life of a Salesperson is really busy one. They need the inspiration to learn a lot along with work. So, take a break..!! Relax on your couch with the glass of cold drink and popcorns to get inspired.

Here is the list…. About: Four door-to-door salesmen deal with constant rejection, homesickness and inevitable burnout as they go across the country selling very expensive bibles to low-income families. About: This sprawling, surrealist musical serves as an allegory for the pitfalls of capitalism, as it follows the adventures of a young coffee salesman in Europe.

My personal favorite. A Must Watch movie. He starts his whole new journey with the only athlete who stays with him. The journey from ashes to glory personifies in this film.