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If one of the great pleasures of reading is to identify with a fictional character, why do so many women relate to these images of dominance and submission?

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She admits these fantasies confine women to a passive role. But I think this touches our secret wish that love is something that will 'just happen' to us.

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If the popularity of these novels is an indicator of women's fantasies, it is unsettling to discover that so many women, in , relate to this idea of being passively taken against their will. We are still told that nice girls don't initiate sex. This means the easiest way we can enjoy sex is if it wasn't our idea. Being dominated means we have no control over the experience, and sex is something that happens to us.

Om Dark Heroes Collection (Mills & Boon e-B

Pringle agrees that the publisher's heroes are larger-than-life alpha males, but is adamant that the heroines in her books are never subjugated by them. I make them strong and successful in their own right and I don't follow the dominant-submissive model. Pringle's first novel, Dr Campbell's Secret Son, features a single mother swept off her feet by a handsome doctor.

The heroine's dilemma is whether she moves abroad to be with him, putting her own life on hold as he expects. The author allows her characters to reach a modern compromise. Culturally, we associate doctors with images of powerful and heroic figures and, as healers, doctors and surgeons tap into another submissive fantasy, that of being 'saved'. Medical romances are one of the publisher's ten sub-genres. Others include historical romance hot Norman conquerors and smouldering Roman emperors ; super-romance if plain old romance no longer satisfies ; and Blaze, the most sexually explicit of the lot, promising "scorching satisfaction" as characters embark on "sexual adventures and fantasy journeys".

The sheer volume of the paperbacks, along with the formulaic plots and writing that is never going to win the Booker Prize, has led to accusations that the novels are pulp, trash and lacking literary merit. Not everyone agrees. Just because a novel is easily accessible doesn't necessarily mean it is simplistic. Romance novels can be intellectually stimulating, challenging and well written.

To dismiss a whole genre as lowbrow or trashy is just snobbery. She is seduced in Sicily, ravaged in Rome, enticed on to private jets and yachts. Max pursues her across pages. She hates him, she wants him, she hates herself for wanting him.

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  • And for a moment we can forget about the real-life 'hero' we're stuck with, waiting for his tea. With a reputation for seeking out and encouraging new authors, they promise to read every manuscript sent in. Stoecker and her editorial team take a day off from the office every week to read through new and unsolicited work. I think non-readers would be surprised how far the books have come. Alan Boon, the company's founder, once famously rejected a manuscript from a literary agent, saying it didn't meet the publisher's specifications and adding: "We would, indeed, have to turn down Shakespeare if he sent one along.

    The original intention is to publish a range of fiction and non-fiction but the first book they issue is a romance, Arrows from the Dark, by Sophie Cole.

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    This is followed in the early years with a wide selection of books, including some by PG Wodehouse and Henry Walpole. The company booms, with lending libraries buying up its stock as soon as new titles are published. Book production becomes less expensive, libraries lose their appeal and weekly magazines serialise the novels. First things first: where do we find the hero and heroine? Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

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    • More filters. Sort order. Nov 30, Ana rated it really liked it Shelves: zz-netgalley , z-harlequin-kiss , zz-read-in They need 10 million dollars to jumpstart a building project that is perfect. Now, the problem is that they simply don't have it. But what Max does have is a trust fund that he will come into when he turns 30 which is 2 years away or when he gets married.

      Since they need the money rather desperately, they come up with a plan - simply get married, use the money, and then divorce after two years. Best laid plans and all that When Evie meets Max's older brother Logan she realizes that Logan is the man she had a flaming one week affair more than 10 years ago. Obviously, that is quite a glitch. An even bigger problem - she never really got over him. The way they ended things wasn't good. And the attraction is as strong as ever. All of them need to decide how to proceed, because denying their feelings sure won't be easy.

      A great book. Evie and Logan make a beautiful couple who deserves to be happy. I really liked them both. Evie is a strong woman willing to fight for what she wants, but still a part of her is unwilling to sacrifice major parts of herself so that she could be with Logan. Logan, for his part is emotionally scarred by his childhood. He doesn't want to care for anybody, because then they have the means to hurt him.

      But resisting Evie proves to be impossible. The other characters are great as well. Especially Max and Kit.

      I know that the odds of Ms. Hunter writing an mm story are tiny, but I would like to read it. The story is not really light and fluffy.

      Interview: Clare Connelly Gets Mills & Boon to DARE to Turn a New Page

      And what's with the balloons? Something a bit more darker would fit better, and wouldn't trick the reader into believing that it's an easy and light story. All in all, a great read from Ms. It affirmed her place on my list of Harlequin writers whose books I truly enjoy.

      View all 4 comments. Feb 18, scribes23 rated it did not like it. Every word is like a pit stop that's begging for me to take a fuckin break.

      Confessions of a secret Mills & Boon junkie

      Even the sex scene was boring. Okay, um. Let's just dig into the characters. And her Dom? Is her business partner's brother Logan.


      Logan and Evie shared a weekend, best and worst weekend as Evie described it. I hated the fact that she kept on saying that she ha. I hated the fact that she kept on saying that she had change but she kept on throwing herself on Logan.